The Lightweight Open Innovation Challenge is LIVE!


Do you have a specific idea or concept (material or manufacturing) on how to design lighter vehicles? Does your technology show potential to reduce the GWP impact in a life-cycle perspective? And is it affordable?

Submit your application before January 15th 2018!

As experts in the field of engineering, material and manufacturing technologies, we have a responsibility towards the future environment and, therefore need to use all available levers to develop efficient vehicles. Addressing the field of lightweight design, the ALLIANCE project opens its borders to enable research and development facilities to bring in their innovations and shape the vehicles of tomorrow.

If you are working in the automotive lightweight field and you would like to contribute to ALLIANCE developments with your own solutions, then this is your chance to get the breakthrough for your technology!

Your benefits

You will get technical support throughout the period of the Lightweight Open Innovation Challenge. You will have the opportunity to pre-assess the feasibility of your technology in a virtual vehicle model. Your technology will be included in all dissemination activities of the ALLIANCE project and presented to an extensive technical group of potential customers.

The winners will get the chance to present their results in a dedicated presentation at the Aachen Body Engineering Days 2018, and have the opportunity to bring their technologies to a board of the six ALLIANCE OEM’s (Daimler, Opel, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen, CRF- the Research Centre of FCA).

SAVE THE DATE – 20-22 September 2018!


The technologies you present to us will undergo a predefined application procedure. The following figure illustrates the three phases of the Lightweight Challenge. For every phase, specific requirements need to be fulfilled.


Here is an overview of what you need to submit for each phase:

Materials Entries

Phase 1

  • A detailed description of key characteristics and material benefits
  • A list of relevant mechanical properties
  • Potential automotive application fields
  • Proof of material testing on coupon level

Phase 2

  • Proof of material testing on component level
  • Material cards
  • Guideline for virtual layout of
    material concepts
  • Basic data to evaluate cost of material
  • Basic data to evaluate GWP impact of material

Manufacturing Entries

Phase 1

  • A detailed description of key characteristics and process benefits
  • A list of relevant mechanical properties
  • A list of process related materials and material specifications
  • Potential automotive application field

Phase 2

  • Feasibility proof by prototype component
  • Detailed design guideline for layout of component
  • Material cards
  • Basic data to evaluate cost of process
  • Basic data to evaluate GWP impact of process
If you already have a datasheet describing the specification of your material or manufacturing technology (i.e. Description, Application, Mechanical Properties, etc.), you can upload it here

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