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This Wednesday, Marcos Ierides of Bax & Company will represent ALLIANCE at a luncheon event hosted by the International Magnesium Association (IMA) in Brussels.

The event focuses on current and future trends in lightweighting, and the possibility of Magnesium to be used in lightweight transportation applications.

Alongside panellists from European Commission, European Aluminium, EC DG GROW, and Critical Raw Materials Alliance (CRM), Marcos, who is coordinating the Life-cycle cost activities, the Lightweight Open Innovation Challenge and dissemination activities in ALLIANCE, will deliver a presentation on the requirements of a future lightweight vehicle, in relation to a raw material fit.

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion in which Patrik Ragnarsson from European Aluminium, Rebecca Lentini from CRM, and representatives from EC DG GROW will participate, together with Marcos.

Presentation topics include: How lightweight materials enable a low carbon future – policy and sustainable perspectives; how current and future policy supports CRMS – does labelling help?; and upcoming actions for CRM alliance and Mg in particular.

The political and legislative agenda about Critical Raw Materials has gained significant momentum in recent years and all stakeholders realise the importance for the competitiveness of the EU. Both CRM and IMA have contributed to the agenda of this event.


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